Terrifying Superstorm over Desert, See before & after photos

Lightning clouds photo manipulation

On a late summer night in Utah, driving down Highway 9, we approached an enormous thunderhead towering over the horizon. It was glowing with a magnificent display of flashing bolts of light. We could feel in our chests the raw power of this beast of nature.

This is the feeling that we needed to capture in a picture for a client. What we had to work with was a generic roadside photo. We started the project by clipping out the original background clouds, then added in a new layer behind the rock formation of storm clouds. Then we adjusted the colors of the original foreground to match those of the new background image to make it look like night and to blend the two together. In the end, we were able to replace the background with an image of lightning and adjust the colors to create a much scarier photo.

Remove image background


Replace background in photo




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