Retouch Wedding Photos

Did you find out that your wedding photographer did not provide you with the quality of photographs that you had hoped for? Did you forget to take a photo with someone in all of the excitement? Do you need some airbrushing or beauty retouching for your bridal portraits? Or maybe your photographer doesn’t have any retouching experience? At Fake a Photo, we can retouch wedding photos and help make your wedding album reflect your special day.

Wedding Photo Retouching Example

In this case, the client wanted to remove a person from the photo. We also retouched the wedding picture, removed some distracting objects, removed some wrinkles from the wedding gown, color corrected the skin tone of the groom to remove the redness, added a soft focus to the edges, added some lighting effects, and added more vibrance to the photo.

Retouch Wedding Photo

Original wedding photo before retouch.

Wedding Photo Retouching

After Retouching the wedding photo.

Create Fake Wedding Photos Example

In the excitement of the wedding, the bride never got a picture standing with her mother. Though, she did have other photos of her. At Fake a Photo, we were able to combine two images to create a photo of them standing together. We also did some retouching to remove some unwanted people from the background.

create fake wedding photos

Wedding photos that need to be combined.

create fake bridal photos

Combined and retouched wedding photos.

Retouch Wedding Photos Example

In this great wedding photo of the bride and groom dancing, there were two lens glares created from the flash from the photographer on the other side of the room. One of the glares is on the brides shoulder and the other one is on a spectators arm. At Fake a Photo, we were able to remove both lens glares and darken some other items in the background to create a stunning wedding photo.

Remove lens glare

Before wedding photo with multiple lens glares.

Retouch Wedding Photos

Retouched wedding photo with lens glares removed.

At Fake a Photo, we can create fake wedding photos, create fake bridal photos, and help complete your wedding photo album.