Retouch Pet Portraits

Great pet photos are hard to capture! When you finally get a good pose, there are likely to be other unexpected nuances in your shot. It might be worth it to hire a pet photographer. If pet photography isn’t your specialty, lucky for you, at Fake a Photo, we can retouch your pet portraits.

Pet Portrait Retouch Examples

In this case, the owner wanted to retouch this adorable pet photo. First, we retouched it to remove blemishes on the wood floor and sofa. Then lightened the distracting dark line in the floor foreground. Also, we cloned out the side of a trash can in the background. We adjusted the levels and contrast, and color corrected it. And finally added a soft focus to the foreground and background.

retouch pet portrait photo

Original pet portrait before retouching.

retouch pet photo portraits

Retouched pet portrait photo.

Pet Christmas Card Photo Retouch Example

In this case, the owner wanted to retouch this great pet photo to use for their Christmas card. First, we retouched it to remove the two wall outlets and cloned the wall and trim to remove the small portion of doorway. We also removed some of the visible hat strap and cloned more hat onto dog #1. We adjusted to levels and contrast. Then, added lighting effects to make the Christmas lights brighter and some reflection onto the floor.

pet christmas card photo retouch

Original pet Christmas card photo.

pet christmas card photo retouched

Retouched pet photo for a Christmas card.