Restore Old Photos

Have you looked through your old family album to find that you have old photographs that need to be restored? Most old photos are discolored and might have dust and scratches due to age. At Fake a Photo, we can perform photo rehab to remove dust and scratches from old photo scans and help with your photo restoration! Scan in your old photographs and send them to us to be digitally restored.

Photo Restoration Example

In this example, this old photo scan had discoloration, specks and scratches all over it, and the color had faded over time, it was 35+ years old…time for photo rehab! We were able to restore the photo by cloning out all of the scratches, color correcting the discoloration, and ajsting the levels overall to compensate for the fading.

Remove Dust and Scratches

A scan of an old photo with discoloration and dust & scratches.

Old photo clean up

The dust and scratches have been removed from the scan & the washed out colors have been corrected.