Remove Glasses Glare

Poor lighting can lead to unwanted glares on reflective objects such as glasses. Sometimes this is unavoidable due to space restrictions or goes unnoticed until later review. At Fake a Photo, we can remove glasses glare and fix unwanted reflections! This is mostly done using a cloning tool. We use existing skin tone and clone it over the areas of glare that we want to fix.

Remove Glasses Glare Example

In this case, the studio lights were reflecting in the glasses. We carefully cloned the skin and eyes to remove the glare. We were also able to retouch the portrait by color correcting the photo, smooth the skin tone, remove wrinkles and whiten teeth. He now looks several years younger and his eyes are visible. Luckily, the reflection only covered a small portion inside the frame, the larger the glare, the more difficult it is to get good results.

Remove glare retouch photo

Original photo with lens glare.

remove glasses glare

Retouched photo with glasses glare removed.