Photo Retouching

Sometimes a photograph may have a great composition, but some minor annoyance or flaw that can easily be retouched. At Fake a Photo, we can make your picture look better with photo retouching. Photo retouching can mean a lot of things… we can remove objects, adjust levels and colors, clone out unwanted areas, and much more. Forget free online picture editors, if you are looking for quality we can achieve the same results as the world’s best retouched photos!

Photo Retouching Examples

In this case, first we adjusted the cropping by rotating the image slightly to make it exactly horizontal. Then we retouched the holes in the leaves and smoothed the woodgrain. We added a soft focus the the background and foreground to create a narrow depth of field so the viewer can easily focus on the main subject. Lastly, we adjusted the colors to add more vibrance to the dull photo.

photo retouching before

Original image before retouching.

after photo retouching

What a difference after photo retouching!

Photo Retouching Example #2

In this case, the photographer’s backdrop was not large enough for the large group photo, several of the glasses had unwanted glares from the lighting, and overall the colors were dull. We were able to clone the background, fix the lens glares, and add more vibrance to fix the photo, resulting in a much more professional looking picture.

Photo retouching original image

Original image before retouching.

Photo retouching - Retouched Photo

Retouched Photo: Background distractions removed, glare on glasses removed, levels adjusted.

Other Photo Services

We have a list of services on the right sidebar with examples. Other services include:

  • Photo repair
  • Fix Red Eye
  • Adjust shadows
  • Add and Remove reflections
  • Colorize black & white photos
  • Add special effects
  • Adjust photo lighting
  • Retouch baby photos
  • Photo cropping