Photo Enhancement

Do the colors of your photo look dull or the white tones not white enough? At Fake a Photo, we can make your images look better with photo enhancement! Photo enhancement can mean a number of things, retouching, color correcting, removing unwanted items, etc.

Photo Enhancement Examples

In this case, the original image was too green, especially in the white tones, and the main subject could have been clearer. We were able to enhance the photo with color correction. Then, we created a narrow depth of field by adding a soft focus to the background and sharpened the main flower to really make it stand out.

Photo enhancement

Original image before enhancement.

Photo enhancement

Retouched image after photo enhancement.

Photo Enhancement Example #2

In this example, the warm colors of the fall leaves just didn’t come through. We were able to fix the photo by color correcting the trees to make them more vibrant. We also removed a distracting object from the rocks.

photo enhancement

Original image before photo enhancement.

photo enhancement

Image after photo enhancement.