Lighten Photos

Is your photo underexposed? Or were you forced to shoot in a low light situation? Do you need to lighten a dark photo? At Fake a Photo, we can adjust the exposure levels and lighting of the image to optimize the brightness and darkness levels using Photoshop®.

Lighten a Dark Photo Examples

In this case, the subject was inside of a slot canyon with very little natural light and the picture was underexposed. We were able to correct the exposure and adjust the levels to optimize the image.

Lighten a dark photo

Original underexposed dark image.

Lighten a dark image

Lightened photo, exposure corrected and levels optimized.

Lighten a Dark Photo Example #2

In this case, the photo was shot at dusk and backlight resulting in a very dark photo. So how do we lighten a dark photo? First, we retouched the photo by adjusting the levels, contrast, vibrance and hue saturation. After the adjustments, overall the image looked good, but the sky became washed out, so we added back in some blue to the sky.

brighten dark photo

Original image at dusk.

brighten dark photo

Retouched photo has been brightened.