Fix Skin Blemishes

Do you have a portrait or head shot that you need to retouch? Unfortunately, skin care and beauty products can only help with future photos. At Fake a Photo, we can retouch portrait photos in a number of ways: Smooth out uneven skin tone, remove wrinkles, remove skin blemishes, whiten teeth, …all types of age enhancement photo retouching!

Fix Skin Blemishes Example

In this case, the portrait photo was very good to begin with. Even so, we were able to retouch the portrait make it look even better! We evened out the skin tone to remove redness, fixed subtle skin blemishes, and were able to smooth wrinkles around the neck and eyes. It created a subtle, but noticeable difference from the original in this case. If we were to overuse these techniques the photo would start to look noticeably fake or Photoshopped, as people say. The key is to not overdo it.

fix skin blemishes

Original portrait photo.

fix skin blemishes

Retouched portrait photo.