Unbelievable Stunt performed on Mountain Peak… Is this for real?

Handstand on mountain stunt

fake mountain handstand photo

Hundreds of winded spectators gather round in anticipation of this never seen before balancing stunt about to be performed at the top of Angels Landing, a 1,488 foot tall rock formation in Zion National Park in southern Utah. Will the two hour climb through narrows paths and sharp drop offs be worth the witnessing of such a death defying feat? Read More

You won’t believe how Mom got into Daughters Wedding photo!

Mom miraculously appears in wedding photo

Retouch wedding photos

The bride and groom have taken their positions, friends and family look to each other in confusion, and in a moment of panic the bride notices… “where is Mom?” Did she not get the invitation? Did the shuttle bus from the hotel break down? Read More

Terrifying Superstorm over Desert, See before & after photos

Terrifying Superstorm over Desert, See before & after photos

Lightning clouds photo manipulation

On a late summer night in Utah, driving down Highway 9, we approached an enormous thunderhead towering over the horizon. It was glowing with a magnificent display of flashing bolts of light. We could feel in our chests the raw power of this beast of nature. Read More